About us

We are a sustainable fashion brand with a bohemian style that mixes the inspiration from the colors and wonders of the Australian Coast and our Spanish roots. We are dedicated to bring the Byron Bay hippie style to the Spanish clothing.



A Spanish & Australian mix

Meraki & The Geek is a boutique brand founded by Inés Delgado de Torres Alcón with the idea of ​​creating a Spanish brand that embraces the Australian lifestyle through a distinctive way of dressing up, a relaxed and positive attitude towards life that is born from the inspiration of the endless beaches with their sunsets and colors.

Each of our designs seeks to capture Byron Bay’s bohemian essence and character, transporting our clients there and making each woman feel free and special. Meraki & The Geek is the nature, the beach, a picnic with friends and family, a shared wine at sunset, sleeping under the stars, a roadtrip or a festival with friends.

Born in a Spanish artistic family, Ines grew up with a strong sense of creativity, spending her childhood drawing and painting with her grandmother, escaping the city life for adventures connected with nature and wildlife in the back country of Spain or at the beaches during these hot Andalusian summers. Ines aspiration for design and fashion was also driven by her parents´ touch for design and creativeness. However it was not until she finished her Law studies and moved to Australia to join her boyfriend that she realized that her childhood passion was more than just a spark. 

The meaning of Meraki & the Geek

When the idea of ​​creating this project began to materialize, we decided to find a name for the brand that faithfully represented what we wanted to symbolize. This is how we found the word Meraki, a Greek word without translation into Spanish or English that is used to describe a special way of doing things, by doing something with part of your soul, with creativity and love, putting “part of yourself” in what you are building. On the other hand, Geek is an eccentric and peculiar person, passionate about a hobby or an intellectual pursuit, and this is how we define our brand.

Corporate Responsibility

Meraki & The Geek is not just about the clothes we make. It is also about leaving a positive footprint both on the environment and in the fashion sector. Our productions are small, which helps us create each design with a special detail and love. All our dresses are made with a material called rayon chiffon, a material of natural origin, that seems to be the perfect option for hot summer days, for its comfort and freshness. It is also important to mention that during our production process, all the remaining fabric is recycled, making hair accessories such as ribbons and scrunchies.

From a corporate point of view, it is very important for us to set an example, and at Meraki & The Geek we decided to join 1% For The Planet in order to return to nature the natural resources that we took away from it when producing. This movement seeks a healthier future for our planet, helping to preserve and restore the ecosystem through charitable associations in defense of nature.

«I think of it as a kind of ¨earth tax¨ for being polluters and using up natural resources. I believe that all of our taxes should be resource taxes. »
Yvon Chouinard – Founder of 1% For The Planet and Patagonia.

Research and improvement of all our processes are part of our permanent commitment, seeking every day to be as sustainable as possible, from our factories to our fabrics, through packaging and shipping method.

For more information, see our ethics page.


A boutique fashion label

Our story


From the initial thoughts of developing a brand while exploring Australia to the dresses you finally wear, the journey has been long and curvy but we finally made it happen and we are proud of that. We hope it is just a beginning and that you will enjoy wearing our designs as much as we love going through each and every steps of the process. From developing the website to finding a valuable partner in Indonesia to creating sketches and draft developments and finding the one fabric we love, we managed to do it all alone and only this already feels like an accomplishment.

Our factory


We chose to manufacture our designs in Bali, Indonesia and we are grateful to have found a factory and a production team that believes in our brand and supports us to make our dream come true. When we visit the team in Bali, we are welcomed with smiles and a warmth that gives us energy to pursue our venture. It was very important for us to find a team that shared the same vision and supports small businesses.
Thanks Wayan and Gina for all your help and support in this new adventure.

Spanish Brand


We are proud of our Spanish origins and our main focus of brand development will remain in Spain. We believe that the Spanish lifestyle enjoying nature and outdoors goes well with our bohemian style and designs.

We focus on the production of dresses, skirts and tops of high quality in a limited edition 100% designed by us. 

We are proud to provide free shipping for all our customers within the peninsula.


It has been a long and not an easy journey. In the beginning, Meraki & The Geek was just an idea, a dream. This could not have been possible without the encouragement and support of the people I love. We all have created this project and each one of us has put part of his ♥ into it.

I hope our designs will transmit this passion and personal touch that characterize our brand. 

– Inés Delgado de Torres Alcón