Sustainability through action and support for a better tomorrow.

We are proud to be part of 1% For The Planet and support our community through donation and non for profit actions.

Check below for the latest news on our support towards our planet.

Surf and Clean

Surf and Clean is a Spanish organization working in Spain to have every surfer collect something from the beach whenever they go surfing as a movement to create awareness on ocean pollution. They conduct educational, artistic, collaborative, scientific, events and awareness campaigns. They work with surfing coaches, surf schools, surfing/canoeing federations, and primary schools as pathways to hopefully transform all watersports participants into activists.

Our support

We are proud to help and support Surf and Clean in their mission to clean up the Spanish surrounding oceans through our daily actions by picking up and cleaning the beaches from plastic and human waste and through donations. We are committed to donate 1% of annual sales to the organization.

Visit the association page for more information: