We care about our Planet, do you?

We are originality and commitment, and we want to change the fashion industry making it more fair and sustainable. We see it everywhere, we cannot continue producing and wasting resources from our planet indefinitely. That’s why one of our first founding action was to be part of 1% For The Planet. Let’s make changes happen together!

We don’t only sell clothes, we sell a lifestyle inspired by the beauty of the surrounding nature.

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Meet Meraki & the Geek


Meet Meraki & The Geek

If you are wondering who is behind Meraki & The Geek, keep reading…

We are Inés and Julien, a Spanish-Swiss couple that met on the other side of the world. In Australia we discovered a different way of living, connected to the ocean and caring about the environment. While travelling and discovering new landscapes and chasing sunsets, we decided to bring the Australian way of living back to Europe. That’s how Meraki & The Geek was founded. 

Our mission is to change the fashion industry by being more cautious on producing our boho dresses and giving back to our Planet.

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Giving back

We believe actions speak more than words and as part of our commitment to be more sustainable through limited production waste, prioritizing environmental friendly materials and products and aiming to leave a positive footprint to our world, we are proud to dedicate part of our sales through donations to non profit organizations that are part of 1% For The Planet movement.

In 2021, we decided to support Surf and Clean through donations from our annual sales and taking action by cleaning up the Ocean from plastic and human waste. 

Surf and Clean is a Spanish organization to help clean up the Oceans by having every surfer collect something from the beach whenever they go surfing as a movement to create awareness on ocean pollution. They conduct educational, artistic, collaborative, scientific, events and awareness campaigns and work with surf schools and local communities.

And you, do you also care about our Planet? Let’s make it happen together for a better tomorrow.

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